Alphabetical list of speakers as of June 30th.

“Idea of Writing” (IoW) will be held on October, 29./30.,
immediately followed by MICAH 30. October – 1. November.

The final schedule will be published in October.

James AITKEN (Cambridge UK)     [MICAH]
Maria Giulia AMADASI GUZZO (Rome)  Remarks on orthography and phonology of Late-Punic  [MICAH]
Wolfgang BEHR (Zürich)    [IoW]
Samuel BLAPP (Cambridge)  Ways of Classifying Hebrew Bible Manuscripts with Non-Standard Tiberian Vocalisation from the Cairo Genizah.  [MICAH]
Walter BÜHRER (RUB Bochum, D)  "'Und er sandte... Und er schrieb...' wayyiqtol als Plusquamperfekt?"  [MICAH]
Alex DE VOOGT (Washington)  Nubian texts written in Arabic.  [IoW]
Nathan James FORD 
(Bar Ilan University, Israel)
 “Babylonian Syriac: The Language of the Syriac Incantation Bowls”  [MICAH]
Augustinus GIANTO 
(Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome)
 "Evidence for evidentiality in Biblical Hebrew"  [MICAH]
(Jüdische Hochschule Heidelberg)
 The Interchange of the Prepositions ב and מ in the Hebrew Bible.  [MICAH]
Timothy HOGUE (UCLA, USA)  Decalogue Exodus 20 and various Northwest Semitic monumental inscriptions (project description).  [MICAH]
(University of Toronto, CA)
 Apposition Strategies and Functions in Biblical Hebrew.
Robert Martin KERR (NL)  "Quo pervenisti facies Balis?"  [MICAH]
Reinhard G. LEHMANN (JGU Mainz)  “Hand’s End!”. Calligraphic verve & final downstroke pizzazz. On the emergence of final letters in West Semitic writing  [IoW]
André LEMAIRE (EPHE Paris)  L'apprentissage de l'écriture dans le monde ouest-sémitique ancien.  [IoW]
Marilyn LUNDBERG (UCLA, USA)  Inscriptifact /NWSRP  [IoW]
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)
 Epigraphic Lists from Ancient Israel and Its Neighbors: Scribes, Students and Other Writers
(Blomfontain, South Africa)
Shem MILLER (Mississippi, USA)  The role of orality in the writing circumstances of stichographic poetry: The background of "ad hoc" layouts and spacing techniques in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  [MICAH & IoW]
Noam MIZRAHI (Tel Aviv University, Israel)  The Shift from Hebrew to Aramaic Script When Copying Scriptural Texts: Linguistic and Historical Aspects  [MICAH]
Uri MOR (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)  Prepositional predicates with nominalized subjects in Classical Hebrew  [MICAH]
Paul MOSCA (Vancouver, CA)
Alexander MÜLLER (Bern, CH)  Spätbiblisches Hebräisch im Richterbuch? Aspekte einer historisch-linguistischen Untersuchung.  
Na’ama PAT-EL (Austin, USA)  Semitic Relatives and their Hebrew Reflexes.  [MICAH]
Annick PAYNE (Zürich, CH)  Anatolian Hieroglyphic Paelaeography  [IoW]
Andrew R. POTTORF  Neo-Philistine Script Dependencies on the Old Hebrew, Phoenician, and Aramaic Script Traditions: Decentralization and the Lack of a Deliberate Vernacularization  [MICAH & IoW]
Nili SAMET (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)  Toward a Description of LBH Syntax: The Case of Ecclesiastes 1−2  [MICAH]
Aaron SCHADE / John GEE 
(Brigham Young University, Hawai)
 Optative Verb Forms in Phoenician and Luwian Inscriptions  [MICAH]
(Eastern Michigan University, USA)
 A Rescue Oracle in the Phoenician Inscription from Incirli: Epigraphic Evidence of a Prophetic Form  [MICAH]
Bill SCHNIEDEWIND (UCLA, USA)  An Unpublished Iron I Ostracon from Jaffa and the Problem of the Early Iron Age Linear Alphabet  [MICAH]
Gordian SCHREIBER (RUB Bochum, D)  Hentai Kanbun  [IoW]
Peter STEIN (FSUn Jena, D)  Writing alphabets on wooden sticks: Scribal education in Ancient South Arabia.  [IoW]

(Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, D)

Benjamin SUCHARD (Leiden, NL)  Lamed-he verbs and the contraction of triphthongs  [MICAH]
(Uni “Ca’ Foscari”, Venice, Italy)
Writing strategies in Japan: forms of written language (buntai) and form of characters.
Gerrit VAN DER KOOIJ (Leiden)  (In-)formality in early NW-Semitic alphabetic scripts.  [IoW]
Eulalia VERNET PONS (Barcelona)  Das Trigramm YHW / YHH der Papyri und Ostraka aus Elephantine: Etymologische Bemerkungen zum Namen Gottes  [MICAH]
Mariona VERNET (Barcelona)  Die Präsenz der Karer in Philistia und Kanaan: neue Untersuchungen  [MICAH]
(Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, D)
 Shorthand aspects of Aztec writing  [IoW]
Aren WILSON-WRIGHT (Austin, USA)  A Star is Born: On the Etymology of *ˤAṯtar- and *ˤAṯtart-  [MICAH]
Anna ZERNECKE (JGU Mainz)  "What's in a name?"
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